Hey all, here are the rules for using the WY4RC remote station:

Call Signs and License Class

To operate the remote station, you must have a valid US call sign listed in the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) of any class. Unless you have successfully upgraded your license through the YARC VE team and can provide verification, we will not accept paper CSCEs. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. When using the remote station, please use either your own call sign or the club call sign, WY4RC.

Be Considerate

Do not take control of the radio while other members are using it. To check the current status of the station, verify the "Control Operator" information in the bottom left corner and hover your mouse over the red/green glowing light in the bottom right corner. Treat the equipment with care and avoid overdriving the radio while using digital modes.

Keep It Legal

It is your responsibility to operate within the boundaries of FCC regulations and amateur radio best practices. Engaging in illegal activities or demonstrating poor operating practices may result in your removal from the discord and a ban from using the remote station. Always strive to be a good ambassador for the hobby and our club.

Station Time Limit

To ensure fair access to the remote station, please limit your continuous operating time. If no one is waiting, you may continue to operate, but be prepared to relinquish control if another member requests access. At this time the station is offered on a first-come, first-served basis, but we are open to setting up a schedule if need be.

Radio Control

First and foremost, ensure whenever you change frequency you press "Tune" so the SWR is a solid match; it will quickly key up the radio to tune and unkey quickly as well, this is normal operation. Regular voice can be set for 100w, but keep digital modes (FT8, SSTV, CW, etc) to 60 watts.

Technical Issues

If you encounter technical issues or malfunctions while using the remote station, promptly report the problem to Austin or ping the mods in ⁠#rs-chatter in the discord.

About the station


Operating Grid: EN74
Radio: Kenwood TS-480SAT
Antenna: Comet CHA-250HD

I, Austin K0AXL, would like to quickly stay thank you to everyone who helped get this radio online. This includes Clare County Emergency Services, several parties from YARC, and several hams here in Michigan. This station being online wouldn't be possible without everyone. With this, what even is this site? Well, there are other emergency services at the site connected to Clare County here in Michigan. The antenna was left over from someone else and was easily available, and although it does have loss it performs well for the overall goal of the station: to get YARC members on the air. If nobody else is using it, hop on and use it yourself! Its available 24/7 for any YARC members to utilize, as long as you have a U.S. license of any class (whether you are physically in the U.S. or not).