an amateur radio club for young operators, by young operators

We run the YARC Discord server, which provides an opportunity for you to connect with other young operators around the globe. We also attempt to run different events, and encourage operators to work together. Have questions? Need help? Just ask away in our Discord, where over 150 daily active users are always willing to assist.

What do our members say?

Hop in the discord and ask for yourself!

Sterling, N0SSC

"There's just enough young hams in here to be able to answer most any question everybody has, but the club is still small enough to foster a great sense of community and friendship among all of us."

Foster, KF1SHY

"I created YARC so that young hams would be able to find like-minded hams, help each other, and spur innovation in ham radio. We're the next generation of ham radio, and it sure helps to have a club to encourage that."