About Us

The Young Amateurs Radio Club (YARC) is an international amateur radio club with a focus on promoting adoption and innovation in amateur radio among young people. YARC's primary communication and organizing tool is our Discord server.


In October of 2017, Foster KF1SHY submitted a post titled “Discord for young hams” to the /r/amateurradio subreddit.

Recognizing that amateur radio is generally dominated by an older population, Foster hoped to create a strong, active youth community in the hobby. The Discord server Foster had created, aptly named “Young Hams”, quickly became a popular place for young operators to meet. Within a few months, a leadership team would form that aided in creating events and activities for the community, including nets, contests, and general moderation of the server. In March of 2018, the community was officially recognized by the FCC as an official amateur radio club under the call sign WY4RC.

In August of 2019, Foster stepped down as President of the board, passing things on to Caleb KZ0P and Sterling N0SSC.

In 2022, YARC has been undergoing changes in its structure to bring back community events, increase engagement, and minimize leadership burnout. YARC's non-for-profit entity was dissolved due to lack of upkeep and benefits for the community, however the callsign WY4RC and the great discord community remain. You can read more about the changes at this page: The Future of the Young Amateurs Radio Club.

At the end of April 2023 the first HF station available to YARC members was put online, allowing those in the club to get some HF experience.


YARC branding and logos are available via the Branding/Press Kit in the footer.