Q: What is the grid of the station?

A: The grid is EN74, located in Harrison, MI.

Q: I don't have a U.S. callsign, can I use the station?

A: Unfortunately the station is bound by the FCC Part 97 rules, which for remote control does not allow individuals without a valid U.S. callsign.

Q: I'm outside the U.S., but I do have a valid U.S. callsign, am I eligible to use the station?

A: Yes! As long as you use the U.S. callsign to operate the station and you stay within your operating privileges.

Q: Can I operate digital on the station?

A: Absolutely! It does require some setup in RCForb to function, but it is possible. Read over the pinned document in the #rs-chatter channel on how to do digital properly with the WY4RC station.