We hold nets weekly at 9PM Eastern Time on Sunday.

At 8PM, a Discord server mod should send a message in the #weekly-net channel confirming a net will happen that week.

If, by 8:15PM, a Discord server mod has not sent a message in the #weekly-net channel, interested server members should ping @MODulators.

If for whatever reason the Discord server mods are unable to run the net, a server member may run the EchoLink portion of the net themselves using the script below, and announce such by 8:45PM.


The 9PM weekly net will be on Echolink in the *YACHT* or *COLLEGE* conference nodes, unless otherwise specified.

Some weeks, an HF net will follow the Echolink net, coordinated via discord, in the #weekly-net or #qsos channels.

Net Control Script

This is CALL in LOCATION. My name is NAME, and I will now open this session of the Young Hams Net. We conduct this net each Monday morning at 0100 UTC on the *YACHT* or *COLLEGE* EchoLink conference. The purpose of this net is to allow young amateurs to ragchew with other radio amateurs and to provide information or assistance to those in need. All monitoring stations are invited to attend. This is a directed net, so please hold all traffic or comments until you have been recognized by net control.

This net will include a moderated, open topic, discussion forum following the normal, weekly question. I will give the discussion forum instructions after all stations have had a chance to answer the weekly question.

I will now stand by for any emergency, priority, or time value traffic. This is CALL.

When checking in to the net, begin your transmission by stating: This Is (Release the PTT and pause for demonstration), then release your PTT button and listen for other stations. If you hear no other station, then you are the last to transmit, and you should proceed with your check-in. If you heard another station after releasing your PTT button, wait and allow that station to check in first. This procedure ensures that if multiple people begin to transmit at the same time, only one person will continue and give their station ID. This helps to keep the check-in process smooth. When checking in, please state your call sign first, CALL, then your ID in phonetics PHONETIC CALL. State your name, NAME, QTH or Location, LOCATION, and if you are a new ham radio operator or you have traffic for the net. To recap, a check-in might sound like this: This is (Release PTT), CALL, PHONETIC CALL, NAME, from LOCATION, No Traffic.

Net Control will take check-ins from short-time and mobile stations first. If you would like Net Control to avoid calling your ID to speak during the directed discussion, perhaps because you need to get on to something else but would like to check in to the net, please specify short-time. Short-time and mobile stations, please call now.

At this time all stations that wish to check in to the Young Hams Net, please call now.
(Allow any station with announcements to proceed, if using an Assistant Net Control Operator, ask if they have an announcement before sequentially calling stations that checked in.)

(Ask the weekly question if one is desired. Ask each station individually in the order of check-in.)

Are there any late check-ins for the Young Hams Net. Late check-ins, please call Net Control, CALL, now.
(Ask these stations the weekly question after taking the check-ins)

This concludes the prepared discussion question portion of the net, and we will now begin the open discussion topic portion of the net. Net Control will take suggestions for open discussion topics. These topics can be questions about technology or ham radio, interesting new technology, interesting research, or just stories to share with the Young Hams Net. If you have a topic for the open discussion, please call Net Control now.

(Ask these stations to comment on the open discussion topics)

We will now close this session of the Young Hams Net. We wish to thank all persons who checked in tonight, and hope you will all join us next Monday morning at 0100 UTC on EchoLink.

(Checkin Statistics: Total Checkins, Short-time, Mobile, New hams)

I now turn this conference over to normal amateur use. All stations may close at this time, or continue to ragchew by calling the next operator’s station ID at the end of a transmission. This is CALL.

(Remember to identify yourself every ten minutes and at the end of the net.)