Contest Period

Begins: 2019-08-24 at 16:00 UTC (12:00 ET)
Ends: 2019-08-25 at 03:59 UTC (00:00 ET)

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To introduce young amateur radio operators to radiosport and encourage young amateurs to get on the air. To encourage old timers to contact as many young operators as possible. All stations may participate, but stations with a median operator age of over the age of 30 submit in their own category.


Over-30 stations may only work under-30 stations. Under-30 stations may work everyone.

Recommended CQ calls:

Over-30: use CQ YH on CW/RY/DG and CQ Young Hams on phone to call for under-30 stations.

Under-30: use CQ YARC to show you’re calling for this contest.

The exchange must be made over radio. Exchange RS(T) plus your QTH, which is the 2 letter abbreviation of your US State, your Canadian Province/Territory, Mexico, or DX. See below for a listing of all abbreviations.


The formula for scoring is:

QSO Points = 1 * (# of Phone QSOs) + 2 * (# of CW QSOs) + 3 * (# of Digital QSOs)
Total Score = QSO Points * Multiplier

QSO Points

Each Phone contact is worth 1 points.
Each CW contacts is worth 2 points.
Each Digital contact is worth 3 point.

You may work any one station exactly once on each mode and band combination, for a maximum of 30 QSOs per station (3 modes, 10 bands). Although there is no credit for duplicate contacts, there is no penalty either, so please do not remove them from your log, as they help with log checking.

Contacts with an incorrectly copied callsign or exchange will not count toward the total QSO points.

Contacts with a entered age greater than to 30 will be removed from all over-30 entries during log checking.


Each US State, Canadian Province/Territory, Mexico, and DX (non-US, Canada, or Mexico) are multipliers, for a maximum of 65. See below for a complete listing of multiplier QTHs.


CW (Log as CW): Morse code
Phone (Log as PH): Upper and Lower Sideband, FM
Digital (Log as RY or DG): all commonly used modes, except for WSJT modes (JT9, JT65, FT4, FT8, WSPR, etc). JS8 is allowed.


160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6, 2, 1.25, and 0.70 meters.

Entry Classes

All assisted operation, including self-spotting, is allowed for all entry classes.

Each category further splits into under- and over-30 categories. Stations with a median age greater than 30 compete in the over-30 category.

Single Operator

Category Code Maximum Power # of Transmitters # of Operators
Single, High Power SO-HP Legal Limit 1 1
Single, Low Power SO-LP 200 Watts 1 1
Single, QRP SO-QRP 15 Watts 1 1


Category Code Maximum Power # of Transmitters # of Operators
Multi-Single, High Power MS-HP Legal Limit 1 2+
Multi-Single, Low Power MS-LP 200 Watts 1 2+

Only one transmitted signal on one band permitted during any 10-minute period (run station/signal). Exception: One — and only one — other transmitted signal (multiplier station/signal) may be used during any 10-minute period, if — and only if — it is on a different band from the run transmitter and the station worked is a new multiplier. The run and multiplier transmitters are governed by independent 10-minute rules. Ten-minute periods begin with the first QSO on a band. The log must indicate which station/signal (run or multiplier) made each QSO. The multiplier station/signal may not call CQ (solicit contacts).


Category Code Maximum Power # of Transmitters # of Operators
Multi-Multi, High Power MM-HP Legal Limit 2+ 2+
Multi-Multi, Low Power MM-LP 200 Watts 2+ 2+

Special Awards Categories

Special awards will be given to the station who scores the highest in each of the following special categories. They are overlay categories, so enter according to the above entry classes and you may also qualify for one of the School Club or New Contester awards:

School Club

School entries must use the appropriate school call sign or, if operating as a YARC special event station, the special event callsign issued by YARC. School entries must operate from the campus station, if one exists. Any school club member may operate including students, faculty, staff, and alumni, provided that the average age of all operators is under 30. A School Club may enter in any under-30 category. Use the “School” category in your log.

New Contester

Open to any under-30 Single Operator station who can attest to have participated in 3 or fewer contests. A New Contester station in Single Operator Low Power and QRP categories only. Use the “Rookie” overlay category in your log.

Worked All YARC

Any station who works all YARC special event stations at least once during the contest period will receive a “Worked All YARC” certificate.
The active YARC stations will be:

  • To Be Announced


Entry submitted to assist with the log checking. The entry will not have a score in the results and the log will not be made public.


To Be Announced.

Log Submissions

Logs are due on 2019-08-31 at 23:59 UTC

Logs must be e-mailed directly to [email protected] in Cabrillo format. A web form to generate a Cabrillo-formatted log can be found here. When emailing the log, the subject line should be the callsign used on the air and the log should be attached as callsign.log.

General Rules for All Entrants

  1. A different call sign must be used for each entry. Only the entrant’s call sign may be used to aid the entrant’s score.
  2. Do not exceed the total output power limitation of the chosen entry category on any band. Total output power on any band at any time is measured at the output of the active amplifier(s).
  3. Remote operation is permitted if the physical location of all transmitters, receivers, and antennas are at one station location. A remotely operated station must obey all station license, operator license, and category limitations. The call sign used must be one issued or permitted by the Regulatory Authority of the station location.
  4. Remote receivers outside of the station location are not permitted.
  5. Only one signal on a band is allowed at any time. When two or more transmitters are present on the same band, a hardware device MUST be used to prevent more than one signal at any one time. Alternating CQs on two or more frequencies on a band is not permitted.
  6. Cross-mode, cross-band, or repeater (including satellite) contacts are not allowed.
  7. Correction of logged call signs and exchanges after the contest, by use of any database, recordings, email or other methods, is not allowed.
  8. Call signs logged must be the same as those exchanged over the air by the entrants during the QSO.

Please direct all questions regarding the contest to Abigail Gold, KB6EE, and Zhenhao Yang, KN8U, YARC Contest Directors, at [email protected].

N1MM+ User-Defined Contest files

  • Place this in “C:\Users{user}\Documents\N1MM Logger+\UserDefinedContests“
  • Place this in “C:\Users{user}\Documents\N1MM Logger+\SupportFiles”
    • When you create the new log, make sure to hit “Import section file” in that dialog

Submission examples

Cabrillo example (more info). Make sure all the spacing is exactly the same:

CLUB: South East Contest Club
NAME: Zhenhao Yang
ADDRESS: 1111 Fake St
CREATED-BY: N1MM Logger+ 1.0.7218.0
SOAPBOX: Comments go here.
SOAPBOX: They can be multiple lines.
                              ----info sent---- ----info rcvd----
QSO: freq  mo date       time call          rst qth call          rst qth
QSO: ***** ** yyyy-mm-dd nnnn ************* *** *** ************* *** ***
QSO: 14250 PH 2018-07-19 1704 KN8U          59  GA  WY4RC         59  AL
QSO: 14250 PH 2018-07-19 1705 KN8U          59  GA  WY4RC/KH6     59  HI
QSO: 14250 PH 2018-07-19 1705 KN8U          59  GA  W4AQL         59  GA
QSO: 14050 CW 2018-07-19 1705 KN8U          599 GA  W1AW          599 CT
QSO: 14050 CW 2018-07-19 1705 KN8U          599 GA  W4AQL         599 GA
QSO: 14050 CW 2018-07-19 1705 KN8U          599 GA  W4ATL         599 GA
QSO: 14050 CW 2018-07-19 1705 KN8U          599 GA  BT4EXPO       599 DX
QSO: 14050 CW 2018-07-19 1706 KN8U          599 GA  KB6EE/QRP     599 CA
QSO: 14050 RY 2018-07-19 1706 KN8U          599 GA  W0ONA         599 FL
QSO: 21150 RY 2018-07-19 1706 KN8U          599 GA  KJ4IQA        599 GA
QSO: 21150 RY 2018-07-19 1707 KN8U          599 GA  VE2HEW        599 QC
QSO: 28250 RY 2018-07-19 1708 KN8U          599 GA  W2SZ          599 NY

If submitting via the online submission form, the QSO section should have the following format:

band  mo time callsign      rst QTH
20    PH 1704 WY4RC         59  AL
20    PH 1705 WY4RC/KH6     59  HI
20    PH 1705 W4AQL         59  GA
20    CW 1705 W1AW          599 CT
20    CW 1705 W4AQL         599 GA
20    CW 1705 W4ATL         599 GA
20    CW 1705 BT4EXPO       599 DX
20    CW 1706 KB6EE/QRP     599 CA
20    RY 1706 W0ONA         599 FL
15    RY 1706 KJ4IQA        599 GA
15    RY 1707 VE2HEW        599 QC
10    RY 1708 W2SZ          599 NY

Exchange QTH Listing


Exchange Location Exchange Location
AK Alaska MT Montana
AL Alabama NC North Carolina
AR Arkansas ND North Dakota
AZ Arizona NE Nebraska
CA California NH New Hampshire
CO Colorado NJ New Jersey
CT Connecticut NM New Mexico
DE Delaware NV Nevada
FL Florida NY New York
GA Georgia OH Ohio
HI Hawaii OK Oklahoma
IA Iowa OR Oregon
ID Idaho PA Pennsylvania
IL Illinois RI Rhode Island
IN Indiana SC South Carolina
KS Kansas SD South Dakota
KY Kentucky TN Tennessee
LA Louisiana TX Texas
MA Massachusetts UT Utah
MD Maryland and DC VA Virginia
ME Maine VT Vermont
MI Michigan WA Washington
MN Minnesota WI Wisconsin
MO Missouri WV West Virginia
MS Mississippi WY Wyoming


Exchange Location
AB Alberta
BC British Columbia
MB Manitoba
NB New Brunswick
NL Newfoundland and Labrador
NS Nova Scotia
NT Northwest Territories
NU Nunavut
ON Ontario
PE Prince Edward Island
QC Quebec
SK Saskatchewan
YT Yukon


Exchange Location
MX Mexico
DX Not in the US, Canada, or Mexico