In October of 2017, now YARC President David (KF1SHY) submitted a post titled “Discord for young hams” to the /r/amateurradio subreddit.

David noticed the lack of a strong, active youth community in amateur radio, and hoped to create one. Within a week, the server had nearly 100 members, as it quickly became a popular place for young operators to meet. After a month, a mod team formed, and the server began to host weekly nets on Echolink.

With 425 members in the server and a thriving community, the mods of the Young Hams Discord server announced the Young Amateurs Radio Club, which received an FCC Club License on March 12, 2018.

About YARC

The YARC club board runs the Young Hams Discord server, and continues to work to create a welcoming community for young operators. Aside from the weekly nets, the club also hosts study sessions, and holds contests open to the ham community. As well, YARC members can receive a club email, and use the WY4RC callsign to represent the club in contests.

YARC Board

President: David Mosden, KF1SHY
Vice President: Scott Stelloh, KD2LWH
Trustee: Benjamin Johnson, AB3NJ
Treasurer: Galen Gold, KB6EE
Board Member: Sterling Coffey, N0SSC